Thursday 30 October 2014

Project Rationale

Our rationale was to highlight the contributions of the multicultural community to Saskatchewan culture. There is a shared desire to highlight the process newcomers have undergone in several generations to settle in Saskatchewan and integrate into their communities. It is important to demonstrate that people of many cultures contribute to the vibrancy of the cultural life in the province.
Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan, cultural diversity, intercultural, education, anti-racism, racism, multiculturalism, ethnic diversity, culture, ethnicity, awareness, acceptanceStorytelling is an easily accessible medium for those speaking and listening. It also fosters an intercultural understanding and connections. For those of you who have crossed cultures, continents and/or oceans to make a home in a Saskatchewan community, this was an opportunity to share that experience with the public. As we share stories, we connect with elements of experiences and build empathy. This was a chance for newcomers to feel that they are contributing to broad and rich Saskatchewan culture.
The project does not, however, exclusively focus on new arrivals; it includes stories of immigrants from 50 years ago, recollections shared by grandparents, experiences of immigrants or their descendants in First Nations communities, or stories of First Nations or M├ętis people making connections beyond their own cultural communities.

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